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Product name : Industrial iridium spark plugs
Product No. : RB77CC
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        For Champion RB77CC Generator spark plugs


  • Material: center Electrode - copper-cored nickel
  • Suppressor/Shielding: Sac-9
  • Ground electrode: copper-cored nickel 
  • Shell thread: 18 mm
  • Terminal thread nut: terminal
  • Reach (inch): 0.813
  • Hex (inch): 0.875
  • Available gap (inch): 0.0140 - 0.0170
  • Reach (mm): 20.65
  • Hex (mm): 22.23
  • Available gap (mm): 0.3556 - 0.4318
  • Core nose length (inch): 0.25
  • Electrode max. operating temperature (F): 1700 F
  • Overall length: 4.48 in.
  • Notes


    Shielded Replace Champion RB77CC






    CAT: 3500 series


    GUASCOR: FG180,FGLD180,FG240,FGLD240,FGLD360,FGLD480.

    Jenbacher: J612 12-cly after 9/95


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