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Product name : Industrial Iridium Spark plug
Product No. : MWM 12420480
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Factory offer Industrial iridium spark plugs,for Deutz engine parts,for Deutz MWM TBG 616, 620 MWM engines,
MWM  1242 0480
old number: 01180987; 01179705; 12301188; 12301248; 12420290;
Thread  :  M18x1.25
Reach : 20.6 or 19 mm
Hex : 20.6 mm
Type Flat
Gap:0.3 mm
Heat Range:77
Electrode Type:Massive Double Iridium J “Gap”
Resistor or Non-Resistor:Resistor
Replace DENSO GL3-5a / BERU 18GZ5-77-2/ BERU Z 201  
DEUTZ MWM: G620 V-8, TBG616 V-8, TBG616 V-12, TBG616K V-8K, TBG616K V-12, TBG616K V-16K, TBG620 V-8, TBG620 V-12, TBG620 V-16, TBG620K V-12K, TBG620K V-16K


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